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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of the ride will be $45, if you sign up in advance (Prior to Midnight on Thursday, September 29th, 2022), or $55 on the day of the event. Students under 21 pay $25 for all rides. Children 12 and under will pay $10, but will not receive a T-shirt.
Cyclists can minimize potential problems by having themselves, their bikes and their tires in good condition for this ride. Every rider must wear a helmet. Highly recommended accessories to take with you would be a pump, a patch kit, an extra tube, on-the-road tools, a light jacket, sunscreen, and extra water bottles. You should know how to fix a flat tire and how to do your own minor repairs. It's very important your tires are correctly inflated before you start the ride. Recommended tire inflation pressures should be stamped somewhere on the side of the tire. A tire that hasn't been fully inflated in the last 24-48 hours could easily loose enough pressure to puncture on the next bump or hole. Although the longer Hines Drive ride (10-30 miles), 38 and 50 mile routes can be used as a "stretch goal" for riders wishing to up their level of riding, it's important that those "stretch" riders have confidently ridden at least 75% of that new distance in the weeks shortly before this ride.
Parking will be available on-site at the Living and Learning Center and Marshalls will direct riders to a parking space on arrival.
Registration opens at 7:00 am. The TdV course will open at 7:00 am. All riders must start their route by 9:30 am. SAG Wagon and Rest Stops will be shut down at 12:00 pm.
Our sponsor D&D Bicycles will be providing free maintenance checks on site. These safety inspections before the ride have been greatly appreciated by riders who obviously want to protect their valuable bikes.
Yes, there will be rest stops on the routes. SAG (Support And Gear) vehicles will circulate along each route. Your wrist band will have a number you can call if you need SAG Support. In the event of a breakdown, you will be picked up. There will be no on the road repairs done by SAG wagon personnel.
In case of an emergency, call 911. Any other problem, wait for the SAG wagon or call the number on your wrist band.
No worries! We'll feed you lunch when you finish. On site, you'll receive a wrist band in your registration packet that is your admission ticket to the lunch line. You can pre-order extra lunches and T-shirts for yourself or those family members on the website registration form. We'll also have snacks, energy foods, water coolers for you to refill your drink bottles at the rest stops along the way.
Tour de Ville is a 100%, non-profit benefit bicycle ride. Proceeds will go towards The Rotary Foundation (e.g. world eradication of polio, clean water projects in third world countries...) and the Rotary Club of Northville (e.g. local charities, scholarships, local exchange student programs, city beautification, Little Free Libraries, Life Remodeled...). Part of the proceeds will also benefit Kids Against Hunger events, which allow Northville and Detroit students to work side-by-side packaging meals for hungry people locally and around the world.
One staffer coined an appropriate spoonerism response: the Tour de Ville will go on, "RIDE OR SHINE" (aka rain or shine)! Read your favorite weather forecast the night before and plan accordingly. In the case of cooler weather, be sure to dress in layers so you can remove and stow a layer as you warm up. As the saying goes "It's better to have the clothes and take them off, than to not have the clothes and be cold all day". While riding, watch yourself and remove a layer when you get warm. You can easily overheat with too many layers and the results can be at the least, uncomfortable. Be sure to pull over out of the bicycle lane and stop when removing layers. Do not block the lane.
​We truly hope you will make this a family outing and bring along your children. All children on the ride must wear helmets and be accompanied by an adult! Children 12 and under are only allowed on the 10 Mile course. The cost for children 12 and under will be $10 which will include the ride and food (but no T-shirt).

For the non-riders, additional lunch and drink tickets can be purchased during rider registration, or on the day, so the whole family can also enjoy the live music and Beer/Water tent.
Please email any of your questions or suggestions to or